Direwords Annual Writers Workshop

The Direwords Annual Writers’ Workshop is designed to bring writers together through various social media platforms to explore topics related to a chosen theme. Since its launch in 2019, the workshop has seen continued success, with outstanding poems from each edition compiled into an anthology.

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The first edition brought together young poets from across Nigeria to write about and discuss themes related to literature and the young African experience. The participants included Ephraim Nonso, Eze Chibuike Victory, Nonso Daniels, Samuel Ajayi, Chinaza Silver Eze, Esther Kalu, Leriq Maine, Oseghale Favour, and Tochukwu Precious Eze.

The diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the participants contributed to a rich and balanced portrayal of what it means to be young, Nigerian, and a writer. The resulting anthology, ‘This Village Will Forever Sing Your Praise,’ is available in the bookstore.

Following the success of the first edition, we hosted its second writers workshop from July 1 to September 9, 2020. This edition expanded to include participants from five different countries across three continents. The theme was Sumptuous Poetry, focusing on various poetry styles, themes, and the appreciation of the art form. Find Delicacies, a collection of poems from this workshop, in the bookstore. 

A hallmark of each edition is the variety of approaches used to address the central theme and its subthemes. This is largely due to the diverse demographics of the participants and the broad relevance of the topics explored.

Looking ahead, the workshop will continue to bring together creative minds to produce art, document evolving times, and capture the effects on literature from various perspectives. The annual publication of anthologies ensures that these works are preserved and made accessible to as many people as possible.

Stay tuned for more.